Find out about the recent major renovations in the village hall and the major part our sponsors played in it.

The most recent renovation of the Village Hall  started with the insulation, re-wiring and decorating of the main hall. The next phase was the demolition of the outside toilets and the lean-to kitchen, which were damp leaking and really not fit for purpose, and the building of the new extension.

This required quite a lot of funding  which took four years, ten grant applications (of which five were eventually successful) and a lot of local fundraising to get to the point where we could start the project.  Planning was approved and Green Construction was engaged as our main contractor . The demolition of the old toilet and kitchen was undertaken in July and the new build completed on budget and on time. We were able to use our new extension and its facilities for our 2012 Christmas supper.

These improved facilities will enable us to develop our 'HUB' project enabling  the Village Hall to be used throughout the year, even in the cold weather. Hopefully the hall will be used by many more groups and activities. We will need your help with this so if you have any ideas for events or activities or if you would like to use the hall as a meeting place or to run your own club please get in touch.

We could not have undertaken this extensive renovation without the help of our major sponsors namely Gloucestershire Environment Trust and The Local Action group (based in the FDDC). Other sponsors  were Gloucester Assembly. Big Lottery, Biffa Award and Newent Town Council. We  could not have undertaken this venture without the support and advice of the Gloucestershire Rural Community Council and, of course, the overwhelming support of our local community.