The village nestles in the lee of May Hill.  Within the village we have two registered “commons” and many green paths dissecting the area which are unique, making the village, and its environment, a green and pleasant place to live in.  For further information about the history of Clifford’s Mesne, please click here How did Cliffords Mesne get its name

St Peter’s Church

The foundation stone to St Peter’s Church was laid on 11th April 1882. St Peter’s is also the mother church to Gorsley’s Christ Church, the building of which was completed in 1893.  In 1984 the Parish of Gorsley and Clifford’s Mesne was made a United Benefice with Newent.  Nowadays the church maintains a small but devoted congregation, who faithfully keep St Peter’s maintained in good order.  The current Parish Priest is Reverend S. Mason.

The Village Hall

The Village Hall was built in 1863 for the dual purposes of school and church.  In 1934 the Clifford’s Mesne School closed.  In 1958 the villagers formed the Trustees of the Village Hall of Clifford’s Mesne and purchased the building for the sum of £175.  The hall can accommodate around 65 people at table.